what we do

We are responsible for developing management teams to lead our clients into new markets, cities and countries. These managers will be trained from the entry-level up to understand all aspects of running a business.
Our Philosophy

We believe that quality business depends upon people of varying backgrounds and skills. Our philosophy of 100% internal, merit-based, organic promotion and growth guarantees team members career opportunities to realize their goals, regardless of previous experience or background.

Our Values

We thoroughly enjoy working with clients from all different walks of life. Our ambitious and dynamic team have dedicated themselves to radiating positivity and benefiting those on a day to day basis. We view each day as a new adventure, to explore and enhance the lives of those around us.

Our Approach

Zengo & Co provides our clients with a face-to-face sales and marketing force. We are their walking, talking, smiling (and good looking!) representation of their brands and brand values. Our goal is to increase our clients’ brands and service recognition in their target markets.

Our Services

We always look at the bigger picture and fully understand all components of the marketing mix however, this overused term is something that we have tailored to be much more creative and original.

Our Clients

Our clients choose us because we have high-quality knowledge of the telecommunications industry and even more knowledge in running efficient and effective marketing campaigns.

Our Goals

By focusing our efforts on a relationship-based marketing and sales approach, our mission is to bridge the gap between the product and the consumer with our professional trained team.

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who we are

We are an outsourcing solution for some of Chicago’s best household brands, specializing in delivering a first class service to promoting their products and encouraging loyalty to their brands. We work with two of the top telecommunication companies and one of the largest energy retail suppliers in North America.

All of our services are provided face-to-face:
• - Business-to-Business
• - Business-to-Consumer
• - Lead Based Campaigns
• - Retail Events
• - Corporate Events
• - Sports Events

Due to our ability to make our partnership with our clients a win-win situation, they are demanding our services in more locations. As a result of this demand, we have opportunities available for individuals with a strong work ethic who exhibit managerial potential. If you’re looking for a career with unlimited advancement potential, apply today.
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By focusing our efforts on a face-to-face, relationship-based marketing and sales approach, we are able to bring our clients life-long customers with increased name-brand recognition and high levels of customer loyalty.


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Chicago Office

230 E Ohio St, Suite 112
Chicago IL, 60611, USA.