past interns

Get to know our previous interns, it could be you next!

Snehal Ramtekkar

Snehal Ramtekkar, originally from India, attended Bhavan’s college in Mumbai, India. In 2012 she was awarded her undergraduate degree in marketing.
After this, she worked as an intern for Future Group, Big Bazaar. In this position she practiced the skills of customer interaction and customer persuasion. As a result she contributed to the increased sales and awareness among consumers on behalf of Future Group.
During her stay in India, she was an active participant in the cultural events which take place every year in her city hence excelling in socializing and managing events. She took her GMAT that same year, and arrived in America in December.
Since then she has been attending IIT Chicago where she is pursuing a master’s in business administration. During her first semester there, she took on an internship at ISCKON Chicago. Here she managed inventory, as well as performing primary research and customer acquisition.
She currently works at Illinois Institute of Technology Stuart’s school of Business as a student assistant at the Dean’s office where she has administrative responsibilities. In the summer of 2014 she interned at Zengo & Co as an account executive where she conducted peer presentations, managed customer’s time and money, campaigns and customer acquisitions. She also worked on the Google Nest® campaign and promoted sales. Snehal has an incredible work ethic and always strives to get the best results.


Qingqin Yan

Qingqin Yan came to Chicago after finishing her bachelor degree in China. She is now pursuing her Master’s degree majoring in Human Resources management in Chicago, and is currently in her second year studying at DePaul University.
Qingqin has said that studying at DePaul has been an amazing experience as it has allowed her to meet a lot of part-time students, whose work experiences were what inspired her to find her own internship.
Before coming to Zengo & Co, Qingqin previously worked at The Renaissance Collaborative as a business development intern, where she gained customer service experience and learnt a variety of office management skills such as maintaining documents and reporting. After this she landed an on-campus job at DePaul University as a hospitality career coordinator. Whilst in this role Qingqin was able to call and expand on her previous customer service experience, liaising with employers looking to recruit at the university.
On entering her second year of study, Qingqin was keen to gain work experience within HR, which is when she joined Zengo & Co. Since working at Zengo & Co she has further developed her business skills, learning how to screen resumes, use social media to share company updates as well as conducting face to face interviews with candidates. Since being at Zengo & Co, Qingqin has thrived and displayed a strong talent for interacting with interview candidates, especially those who are feeling nervous.
Qingqin has said she is very grateful to her manager for offering her the opportunity to learn at Zengo & Co and has really enjoying working with people who are so passionate and ambitious. Being at Zengo & Co has inspired her to put 100% into everything she does and she firmly believes that her time at Zengo & Co has equipped her with the skills she needs to excel in the future.