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Zengo & Co: Continuing to Break the Mould

Zengo & Co: Continuing to Break the Mould

June 15, 2016 - Business -

Despite reports of small businesses across the USA struggling to maintain a consistent rate of growth, Chicago-based sales and marketing firm Zengo & Co is holding steady. Here the firm share the reasons behind their continued, recession-proof success.

Whilst the likes of Silicon Valley, Boston and New York City may be flourishing in the entrepreneurial post-recession boom, certain parts of the USA aren’t quite as lucky, and small business growth is taking a nosedive – according to recent reports.

Analysis research organization The Economic Innovation Group, has found that when studying small business creation across the USA as a whole, the last decade has seen the lowest influx of new businesses since the 1980s. In rural areas, 2 out of 3 small businesses were forced to close between 2010 and 2014, whilst the majority of new businesses opened within this period were found to be confined to major cities within the USA.

“Much of the struggles that prospective small business owners in rural areas are facing can still be traced back to the recession,” states Zengo & Co, a leading sales and marketing startup from Chicago. There is a shortage of lenders to help get businesses off the ground, both due to many banks still remaining closed and investors considering small town ventures to be too risky and unlikely to secure a desirable growth rate. This has led to many rural areas believing entrepreneurship to be out of reach and only those with a high level of education and privileged backgrounds as being capable of sustaining a business.

Zengo & Co is concerned that this belief could cause entrepreneurship in the USA to take an even sharper decline and damage the aspirations of the younger generation. The firm is eager to promote that success in business isn’t reliant on a first class degree or family wealth. Anyone can have a flair for business and the firm is keen to help young people understand this and make the most of their talents. As such, the firm which create, implement and manage marketing events for a variety of clients regularly reach out to young job seekers and offer them opportunities to further their professional development and learn the skills needed to rise to the top of the sales and event marketing industry.

Zengo & Co is able to provide this entry into the business world due to their recession-proof marketing strategies, which have seen them thrive despite a plethora of economic challenges. With many small and medium sized businesses unable to hire a full in-house marketing team due to cost constraints, Zengo & Co offer a pay-on-results service that provides clients with the very best interactive marketing solutions. Through face-to-face customer communication and presentations, the firm is able to secure stronger customer relationships for their clients, generate more sales and carve out a stronger market presence.

With a constant demand for more personalized, cost-effective marketing, Zengo & Co has been able to maintain a consistent level of growth, which has allowed them to reach out to even more young people and teach them that with a willingness to learn and positive attitude, it is possible to succeed as an entrepreneur in today’s climate. The firm is hopeful that over the coming months, more businesses will take on the responsibility of inspiring entrepreneurship in the USA and that more regions of the country will begin to see a rise in new business creation.