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Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.
Zengo & Co Host Workshop on Creating Good Habits

Zengo & Co Host Workshop on Creating Good Habits

May 18, 2016 - Business, Leadership -

Aspiring to succeed is a common theme in many of Zengo & Co’s workshops. In their most recent event hosted by CEO Neil Shahin, the sales and event marketing firm educated young professionals on how they can create new habits for success.

Chicago-based sales and event marketing firm are adamant that personal and professional success is dependent on the formation of positive habits. Whilst there are many things in the world which can’t be controlled, the firm believes that by focusing on things within their control, people will be able to influence the world around them and generate better results. To succeed in both their professional and personal lives, Zengo & Co is urging people to take control of their daily habits and routines and ensure that each and every action has a positive impact and allows an individual to move a step closer to success.

It is widely believed that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Be it good or bad. During this ‘adjustment period’ the brain ties a conscious action to a trigger through the process of repetition, and over time as these connections grow stronger the initial action becomes ingrained in a person’s behavior and are performed almost automatically.

Whilst this may make the process of learning new habits appear easy, Zengo & Co is quick to address that the first few days of forming a new, positive habit are crucial and it can be difficult to initially tie a new action to a mental trigger. To help people form positive habits that support professional growth, the firm recently discussed some approaches that can help a person focus and make a new habit stick.


A person’s willpower and drive is limited so attempting to form a new habit when feeling stressed or under pressure is likely to result in failure.

Focus on One Habit at a Time

With habits being deeply ingrained in a person’s behavior, forming new ones requires a huge amount of focus and conditioning. Trying to accomplish too much is risky as it causes a person’s focus and effort to waver.

Slow and Steady

Whist many habits are formed with the intention that the behavior will eventually become an everyday occurrence, trying to perform a new task or action every day from day one is not the best way to form a new long-lasting habit. To maintain momentum and interest, people need to ease themselves in gently and set achievable goals which increase over time.


Sometimes it is possible to speed up the triggering process by purposely linking new actions and behaviors with existing ones. For example, if a person wants to read more, using their travel card or train ticket as a page marker will remind them on their commute to read once they are on the train.

Zengo & Co is committed to helping their contractors form good habits so that they can enjoy a successful future. “There is no doubt that positive habits lead to success,” states Neil Shahin, CEO of Zengo & Co. “The problem is many people are unsure how to form positive habits and fall at the first hurdle. I’m hopeful that by understanding the process, our contractors will feel more confident in their abilities and begin their journeys towards forming rewarding, long lasting habits.”

Based in Chicago, Zengo & Co is a leading force in outsourced sales and event marketing solutions. Through face-to-face, engaging pop up campaigns the firm forms real connections with consumers and provide memorable consumer experiences that increase their clients’ brand awareness, ROI and consumer loyalty.