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Zengo & Co Launch New Website

Zengo & Co Launch New Website

May 11, 2016 - Blog -

To reflect their fast growth, forward-thinking and innovative strategies, Chicago-based sales and marketing firm Zengo & Co recently launched a brand new website.

2016 has already established itself as a landmark year for Chicago-based event marketing firm Zengo & Co. After strengthening their ties within the Canadian market, the firm has gone on to launch their services in New Jersey and open in the bustling competitive market of Jersey City. Rapidly approaching quarter 3 of the business year, Zengo & Co have continued to increase their workforce which has allowed them to increase their clients’ market presence and customer acquisition. Most recently the firm were invited to attend a VIP Industry awards Gala set to take place in New York in July, where they will be able to meet with both national and international event marketing experts to discuss new ideas and strategies.

With so many exciting new developments within the firm, Zengo & Co were keen to promote this culture of change publicly and recently unveiled a brand new website. The firm currently has an incredibly strong presence online and felt that it was time to develop a new site that aligned with their achievements over the last 5 months. The business landscape is constantly adjusting so it is vital for companies to not only embrace this change but to promote what it is that makes them exciting and relevant; and Zengo & Co’s new website design does just this. The new site features fresh animated graphics and a responsive interface making it far more user friendly and visually pleasing to users. The firm were also eager to communicate their pride in being part of Chicago’s innovative business community and the city features heavily within the website’s theme.

With both job seekers and potential clients visiting the firm’s website the firm felt it was vital that a balance was reached in terms of content and features. The new site features a clear break down of the services they provide, as well as a revamped ‘careers’ section where those interested in working with the company can easily and directly contact the firm’s admin team using the built in application form. The new design also boasts a specialized media section showcasing the press features, news, videos and an image gallery offering a behind the scenes glimpse of the firm’s business trips, training opportunities and social events.

Zengo & Co is confident that the new website will help people understand more about their values, goals and services. The firm is excited to receive feedback on the new design and is hopeful that it will attract a greater number of new contractors and clients alike.