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Zengo & Co: New App Could Revolutionise Entrepreneur Success Rate

Zengo & Co: New App Could Revolutionise Entrepreneur Success Rate

June 6, 2016 - Business, Entrepreneur -

Sales and marketing firm Zengo & Co encourages first time entrepreneurs to check out the new App from GoDaddy to receive useful feedback on ideas, as they believe this could dramatically boost the rate of success among start-up companies.

As a leading provider of SEO services, email hosting and website creation, GoDaddy have played an integral role in helping a number of start-up companies around the world get off the ground and secure a presence on the market.  With this reputation for working with new businesses, the company recently revealed that in the past few years they have been inundated with calls from budding entrepreneurs looking for feedback on their business ideas. As a result, this gave them the idea to develop an app that entrepreneurs can use to test the market and pitch their ideas for new ventures.

Connecting budding entrepreneurs with a community of investors, fellow entrepreneurs and GoDaddy Management, New App Flare was created to give people a platform to share their business ideas and ask other professionals yes or no questions relating to their business idea. Through this process, entrepreneurs will be able to find out what works and what doesn’t, and create a clear plan of action relating to market demand and investor interest.

Flare’s main page plays host to 3 new business ideas at a time, and allows users to swipe left to ignore, or swipe right if they are interested in the idea and would use the service if it made it to market. Once an idea receives interest from 10 or more people, the entrepreneur behind it is able to post questions and begin receiving feedback that will ultimately shape their business into something with peak market interest and relevance.

Chicago-based event marketing firm Zengo & Co, have long been supporters of entrepreneurship and believe this new app from GoDaddy has the potential to revolutionize entrepreneurship across the world. It’s no secret that on average, 80% of new businesses fail within their first year, and much of this can be accredited to a lack of in depth research before launch. By giving entrepreneurs a platform through which they can access expert feedback and support, Zengo & Co are confident that entrepreneurs will enter the business world in a far more favorable and knowledgeable position and as such be able to build a business that is capable of catering to market needs and is able to go the distance in even the most competitive of markets.

In light of the release of GoDaddy’s new Flare app, Zengo & Co believes more big companies should show this kind of no strings attached support towards entrepreneurs and do their bit in creating a sustainable and bright business future. Within the sales and event marketing industry, Zengo & Co offer those interested in entrepreneurship the opportunity to learn new skills through mentoring, networking and work based targets. This not only provides young professionals with the opportunity to build up their practical work experience, but opens doors to some of the industry’s most respected experts and connects them to people who can offer them the advice and guidance needed to succeed within the industry.

Zengo & Co are responsible for developing management teams to lead their clients into new markets, cities and countries. Offering training from entry-level up, the firm help all their contractors to understand the foundations of running a successful business, and help them to hone their skills whilst working on interactive, personalized event marketing campaigns.